Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Best to test

This is mostly a test entry to make sure everything is posting well. At any rate, this is my new blog. I was getting sort of weary of the old one, and also wanted to see what this whole Blogger business was all about. Livejournal was pretty sweet, don't get me wrong, but Blogger looks like it might fit my needs better. We shall see, shan't we? At any rate, the Livejournal was a blog I specifically set up for when I was in Japan, and as I have been home for several months now with nary a peep to the blogosphere, I think it's safe to say that Me via Livejournal is no more. My blog is dead, long live my blog...or something.

What can you expect me to post here? Well, let's see--I've decided to call this blog Knitzel, which is a combination of "knit" and "zelda". Knit is pretty obvious--I likes me some knitting, and I'll be posting works in progress, patterns, thoughts on knitting, etc. Zelda is the name of our hedgehog, a pet we purchased only about a month ago, so you can probably expect to see pictures of her here too. Trust me, this is a good thing--she's adorable. Don't believe me? Check it--

So, we've got knitting, and we've got hedgehoggery, but believe me, there is so. much. more. As whimsy dictates, there might be recipes, lists of random things, or new slang words for you to try out at home like this one:

crunby (KRUHN-bee) - N. A debacle. When a situation turns into a crunby, there is no salvaging it and the only way to struggle it is to ride it out until it's over. A crunby can never have a silver lining--it is bad through and through.
Example: Today was such a total crunby, I finally just gave up and went home, whereupon I learned that my cat had died when it ate the Chinese food I was planning on having for dinner. There was nothing wrong with the Chinese food--it wasn't poisoned or anything, my cat just had poorly innards.

Also, there may or may not be XXX-rated locust pornography. I'm not talking about cicadas here--real, full-color, enourmous grasshopper on grasshopper action. We'll have to wait and see if my connections on this pan out.

Anyblahblah, this test entry is over. Laaaaaaaterrrrrrrrz.

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