Monday, January 5, 2009

Sunday Re-cap and the Odd Incident in the Elevator

After working a marathon on-call (Wednesday evening up through 10PM on Sunday), in retrospect I feel that overall it was very productive. Cleaned the hedgie cage, re-organized my drawers, had some mediocre Chinese food and watched the entire BBC miniseries of Pride & Prejudice, the entire second season of Big Love...OH AND TOTALLY ROCKED THE FUCK OUT OF MY GIOTTO

The first phase is finished, and I'm already plugging away on the neck and armhole ribbing. After that is the embroidery and then the ceremonial weaving in of ends, and then sweet, sweet completion. I definitely need to get a belt to wear with it, and I have some brown tights that will work perfectly. Not sure about shoes yet, but I'm thinking some suede plum colored flats or boots or something along those lines. I think this will be a definite contender for Rhinebeck this year, at least on one of the days.

Sunday afternoon I decided to cook myself a nice dinner to make up for the mediocre Chinese food (which was delicious, as all mediocre Chinese food is, but I did feel sort of guilty about eating it for 1.5 days). After perusing my new favorite website, I decided on two dishes that sounded delicous, but required a minimum amount of ingredients and prep.

The chicken in tinfoil with olives and tomatoes was actually really fun to make, in addition to being easy and quick. Here is the mysterious tinfoil package, being cooked ever so mysteriously on the range:

You cook the chicken wrapped up in foil in a hot skillet for about 8 minutes, and then, POP! (Not literally, it doesn't pop open, but this picture makes it looks like the foil is saying, "POP!"

The Haricot Panache was a fabulous dish, one that I'll definitely be making again. I had to settle for frozen green beans because the produce section at Foodtown looked like a tornado had blown through it. I subbed Smart Balance for the butter, and had to use dried parsley because of the whole tornado thing again. It came out delicious though, especially with the clove of garlic I sauteed in the SmarBal before adding the cannellinis.

This was such a tasty dinner, especially with a hearty juice glass of Greek table wine (I'll have to get some wine glasses one of these days). Also there were enough leftovers for two more meals--yay for leftovers!

And now for something completely different...the curious incident in the elevator
(Quick note: our elevator is one of those old school dealies with two doors--the elevator door which slides open and shut, and the doors on each floor that connect the elevator to the rest of the building.)

So I got back from my walk to the library this afternoon and there was an older woman waiting for the elevator. I reached her just as she was letting the heavy elevator door slide shut. I caught the door and slid in behind her. Here is the bizarre exchange we had in the elevator.

Lady: Hello

Me: Hi

Lady: I'm sorry, I thought you were someone else, or I would have held the door

Me: Oh

Lady: I thought you were an enemy

Me: Oh...No...

Lady: No (laughs)

The elevator stopped as we reached her floor.

Me: Well, have a good one

Lady: You do the same

Weird, huh?

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