Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Sock monkey off my back? Heck no!

The Monkey socks have been finished for a few days now, but I only last night got around to blocking them. They turned out very nicely, and once winter time rolls around again I'm sure I'll be itching to wear them. Since it is at least 80 degrees outside right now, though, the chances of me wearing wool socks anytime soon are pretty slim. Thus, they will slumber, becurled in my sock drawer to dream of frost covered pines and chiminee smoke until the winter months. Good thing I have --cough-- a few newly acquired skeins of sock yarn to bolster my winter sockpile (see what I did there?)

In the last two weeks, I have purchased two beautiful skeins of sock yarn from Springwater, a yarn shop conveniently located approximately five steps from my door. Their general selection of sock yarn is not that amazing, but there is one particular brand they carry that has the most gorgeous coloways eVAR. One of the skeins is called "Bright Charcoal," and is a mix of pale lavender, charcoal gray, olive green, saphire blue, dark plum, and mulberry. It is GORE-geous. The other is the equally enticing "Jay" colorway in all manner of aquamarines, saphires, black, navy blue, spring green, and a few hints of plum. These yarns kill me. I think this is one of those things that if you are a knitter you will understand, and if you're a non-knitter you will thing I am a few sacks short of a full grist order. Such is the price of the forbidden love I have for this Jitterbug sock yarn...a price I will gladly pay.

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