Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Karp, karp!

Another project finished today! I am on a roll! My pal Priya asked me to design a graphic for her friend's bridal shower, or engagement party, or some sort of festival celebrating the upcoming nuptuals. The shindig is going to have a Japanese flava, so I had to give a shout out to my favorite Japanese fish, the noble koi. Koi, koi, how do I love thee? So beautiful, so fat, so vigorous. I'm pretty proud of this dude, he's a real coy looking koi, if I do say so myself. Seriously though, koi are very hardy fish, and can represent triumph over adversity (I think it's because they swim against the current upstream to spawn or something), so it seemed like a good animal to have at a bridal shower. Originally I was going to decorate him with a Japanese inspired fabric print type design, but I liked the heart petalled blobs so much I decided to keep him as is. If this were a show koi, I think he would be very fancy, and perhaps very valuable.

Props to The Burnished Claw for the suggestion. Micron pen on paper. Text in the upper corner is the date, text in the lower corner is a congratulatory message.

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