Sunday, July 8, 2007


For the record, I occasionally do have good intentions. For instance, I have worked a bit on writing up the Atia sweater pattern. For reals. I've got the lace panel on the front charted, and now it's just a matter of crunching a few numbers, and writing the whole mess up in an intelligent, elegant way. Sadly, I think this is why the whole computer science thing never really worked out for me. I liked doing it, I just wasn't down with the whole "documentation" thing.

Exhibit A

So, I'm feeling pretty good about myself, breaking out the old notebook and calculator and whatnot, and so what if I'm working on a pair of anklets at the same time? Variety being the spice of life and all that, it doesn't seem like such a crime and it's not like I'm getting anything out of this sweater pattern anyway, aside from another notch on my Internet-cred bedpost (credpost?). Then, I finished the anklets.


I've gotta say, I love these. In the summer, I sort of consider pants a crime against humanity. And humidity. Anyway, I don't like wearing pants in the dingdang summer, which means I wear skirts 90% of the time.
Since I do a lot of walking, I wear sneakers maybe 75% of the time, and that means there's a very good chance I'll be wearing a skirt and sneakers together, something that I theoretically raise an eyebrow at, but am too practical to not do it. I do think that the skirt/sneakers combo is made even more dubious by above-the-shoe socks, so I try and wear anklets as much as possible. I've already worn these babies twice, and even though they're 100% wool, and thus very warm, the fact that they're anklets sort of makes up for it. They're also ridiculously bright against my navy sneaks, something I find very pleasing. So, I finished the anklets, which necessitated the beginning of another socklike project.

Pomatomus: Part II

After an ill advised attempt at knitting these socks in the Lorna's Shepard Sock I snagged at Sheep and Wool, I huffily bought another skein of my beloved Jitterbug, stuffed the Lorna's back in the basket, and started afresh on these. I really do like this pattern, and despite the fact that I keep fucking it up and having to rip back, it's going pretty quickly. Then, somehow, I started another sweater.

Notre Dame de Grace

Yeah, there was a sale. Yarn was bought. Luckily, my lust for tweed infected another. Some people like to encourage others to raise themselves above the petty material concerns of this world, and strive to reach that spiritual place within that all humans have the ability to attain. Not me though; if I'm going to roll around sinfully in a big pile of tweedy yarn, I want lots of company. Love you, Elspeth ;) This lovely mountain of tweed goodness is going to be the Notre Dame de Grace pullover from the summer 2007 Interweave. Weeeeee!


Apple pie from two weeks ago. There was a pie for the 4th as well, but no pictures were taken, and it was eaten so quickly I couldn't even get a leftovers shot. Ah well. Just imagine the most amazing pie your puny brain can conjure, then put some whipped cream on the top--that's what it looked like.


Elspeth said...

Sara, please stop besmirching my good, tweed-free name with your remarks. PS: in five inches, I start the arm hole shaping for my back.

Ms. P said...

Amazing! I'm about 5" away from the armholes too! Something tells me you're going to finish the back today, though.

Elisha said...

Eeee, look how cute that pie is! It has a little apple on it! Anyway, in knitting news, I've sort of stalled on that self-designed (read: winging it) sweater I'm making... I got so busy that I put it down for awhile, and now I've forgotten how I shaped the one side, so I don't know how to shape the other side to match. Hopefully I'll be able to figure it out though.

Ms. P said...

Hmm, that is annoying. I could take a look at it, if you want. I'm sure between the two of us we could figure it out. The pie was good, just veeeery buttery.