Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Two Reasons Why Next Week Will Be Awesome

Reason The First

I get to go see Rilo Kiley on Wednesday! Weeeee! I'm so excited. RK is far and away my favorite band, and they are 100% killer in concert. Their latest offering, "Under The Blacklight" is a wonderfully crafted album with several standout tracks. As with other Rilo Kiley albums ("Execution of All Things" comes to mind), the strength of this album lies in its ability to remain cohesive throughout, while at the same time displaying a true diversity of sound. Plus, you know, Jenny Lewis is a genius, and a goddess, and I can't decide whether I want to be her best friend or just BE her. Sigh. Her red hair is so pretty.

Reason The Second
Disclaimer: Yes, I love TV. Don't judge me.

He finally asked her out, and she said yes! The Office is back next Thursday, and my ass will be firmly glued to my couch. Isn't John Krasinski just the cutest? This is possibly the funniest show on TV, since Arrested Development's premature demise :( so I'm psyched its back.

Now, the weather just needs to stay glorious. Hurray for fall!

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