Thursday, October 25, 2007

Lucky (Posted late, pictures to come)

Guys, this morning, stumbling into my poorly climate controlled office at the most godawful of hours, I wanted one thing. One thing that was truly impossible at that moment to have. I wanted lamb chili for breakfast.

I wanted to buy a paper cup of searing hot lamb chili garnished with sour cream and a few tortilla chips from a 4H stand, and eat it in upstate New York. I'd say I'm suffering severe Rhinebeck withdrawel, wouldn't you? To say I had a great time there would be putting it mildly.

I've always liked the expression "hitting the road." It sounds carefree and slightly dangerous (probably because of the "hitting" part); it makes me think of bands on tour, or tough lady outlaws wearing leather driving gloves in convertibles, on the run from johnny law. A couple weeks ago, me and a gaggle of other fine babes TOTALLY hit the road. Elspeth comandeered a gigantic flexcar, later dubbed the S-Car, so Steph, Ann, Nicki, Aimee and I could all pile in and leave Virginia behind for the astounding beauty of upstate New York. Amazingly, it IS fall, and we got to see plenty of evidence as we trundled further north and the trees got more and more vivid.

After a few well-timed stops in Ellenville (Lunch: Blue cheese, yukon gold potato, truffle oil pizza, and yam curry soup) and an amazing fruit stand where Ann used to work, we made it to the Super 8 in Kingstown (?) and met up with Carolina and Lisa, the last two members of our supergroup. Wine and cheese followed.

The festival itself was flippin' amazing! Gorgeous weather made for a fantastic two days of shopping, squeezing, sniffing, and scarfing. I didn't actually bring a camera, which I rue now, but luckily I brought a good chunk of Rhinebeck home with me. (Actually, this is but mere fraction of a raindrop in the Rhinebeck ocean, but it's dang purty.)

Cheap tweed! This stuff was such a steal, and I already have plans for the charcoal gray. Did someone say cables?

The golden rule: She who has the golden yarn rules.

Emerald cashmere. 'nuff said

Buttons! Apparently I have a weakness for them.

One of my prize possessions of the weekend; a glass shawl pin from Moving Mud

Prize possession No. 2: My very own swift! Ann and Nicki and I are swift sibs now.

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