Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Ravelry is wearing me out,

but the knit goes on!

Okay, so after an invite to Ravelry mysteriously appeared in my inbox, I've been scrambling to get all of my knitting information carefully uploaded, documented, and notarized. At this point, the site is amazingly well developed, which makes me want to do nothing more than sit in front of a computer and use the hell out of all the features. This is wearing me out. Seriously--it's almost too deep to use efficiently (timewise), because once you get in, it's hard to get out. Case in point: This past Sunday, I spent the better part of the afternoon photographing all the yarn in the house, so I could upload the pictures and catalog them under the "Stash" tab in my Ravelry profile. Not sure whether I should be embarassed to admit this, but I got really into it, and a lot of the pictures turned out kind of artsy and cool.

I think at one point, I even suggested to Clint that perhaps I had a future in yarn photography. No, no, hear me out! Plenty of people out there have more yarn than me. A LOT more yarn than me. Do these people want to spend hours and hours taking photo upon photo of yarn? I doubt it. Besides, I really think I have an eye for this particularly specialized type of photography (see above). Now that Ravelry is this huge thing, the day of the yarn photographer has come at last. Yeah, it's a niche market, but if you charged a flat fee for each individual type of yarn, you could make a killing. Factor in that most of the people who would hire a yotog (yarn photographer) probably have more yarn then they know what to do with and BAM! Gold mine. I'm posting this on my public interweb blog in good faith, so nobody steal my awesome idea, okay? Thanks.

A handle on the Mandelbrot

The Mandelbrot scarf is humming right along, and at this rate I could probably have it finished, blocked, and seamed in the next week or so. I'm liking the colorwork on this side much better, and the yarn is servicable and soft, despite its non-wooly nature. It probably would be a little closer to completion if a) I hadn't spent all of Sunday posing balls of yarn with wooden owls, and b)Saturday hadn't included a trip to K-happs with Mama P, to pick out yarn for her new sweater.

Because when you have a bag full of happy red yarn, it is impossible not to swatch. It was really fun taking the Mama to the yarn shop and showing her that all wool is not scratchy. Plus, and this is the best part, she was so impressed with KH and all it contained that as soon as we got back to TinyHouse, she wanted a knitting lesson! I guess refresher is more apt, but I taught her how to do a long-tail cast on, and corrected her knit stitches for a bit until she remembered how to do it. I had her knit up a little swatch with the Cashsoft we bought for her sweater, just to see how it felt. After that, I dug out some yarn and needles for her to take home and play with. Could Mama P be lured away from quilting and convinced to join the horde of knitters? Only time will tell.


Elspeth said...

Ooh! Yarn-ography! How clever. Should you need an agent, you just ring me right up.

Holly said...

Want to come over and take artsy shots of my stash? ;)

Yay for bringing Mom over to the dark side... um, I mean getting her to knit again!

Elisha said...

Oh man, I long for the day when my mom asks me to teach her how to knit. Unforunately, her arthritic wrists and left-handedness may be enough to quash that dream.