Thursday, October 18, 2007

Sliiiding backwards

The Good

See? I'm almost done. So close to being done. So very, very close. The only thing standing between me and the glory of finishing this mo'fo is 6 inches of boring stockinette desert. It's made purely of nylon and acrylic, but it's getting blocked anyway. Even if I can't change its size or shape, it'll add a bit more evenness to the stitches, and a good washing can only help. Then, seaming and possible fringing, and it will be ready for gifting. I can't wait to get out from under its green/gray tyranny--it looks like something an eccentric arithmancy professor would wear, who was also the head of Slytherin.

The Bad

This yarn tries my patience like no other. It looked so pretty in the skein, remember? Oh those times, when I was innocent and unafraid, how I wish they were here again. I'm giving this yarn one more chance before I entirely give up on it. Witness the Rainbow Socks from the latest Magknits. The leg and foot are worked in short rows, which I think might be the only cure for the horrendous pooling I've seen from this yarn in every other attempt.

I have to say that these socks and I got off to a bit of a rocky start. The pattern is, in my opinion, not written in the clearest way possible. For instance, the cuff is divided between four needles, and the short rows begin with needle 1. You knit 2 stitches on needle 1, then do your turn stitch, then purl 3 stitches, some of which are on needle 4 WTF? REALLY??? Now, I consider myself pretty good at reading patterns, but this was so counterintuitive to me that it took a full 15 minutes to decide that there was no other way it could work. I wish the designer had added that in the notes section, because I can't have been the only one confused by this. I finally -get- how it's done, though, so maybe there's hope after all. Everyone, pray for these socks.


Ann said...

Tag! You're it! (visit my blog for details.)

I'm keeping my fingers crossed for the socks... the yarn is so pretty!

Lara said...

I KNEW I'd seen that scarf before! ok, forgive me for being a TOTAL ASS and not recognizing you as knitzel today :)

Nice to meet you for reals.... :) :)

{{sheepish grin}}}