Friday, November 2, 2007


Uno sock down, and ichi to go.

Is it me, or does this sock just look kind of...rough? Like it's lead a really hard life, working at a rock quarry or something. This guy is actually a second attempt at my first rainbow sock, knit during the great Rhinebeck weekend of '07. I made it all the way past the heel on that sock before deciding that it just looked way too degenerate keep. I (foolishly) assumed that the odd bumps and blemishes were a result of that weekend's excitement/knitting in the car (which I almost never do). So, rrrip rip rip the rows on the sock! RipriprowsSssocksockthesock! (Yes, that is a Parappa the Rappa' homage--god, I am so awesome.)

Unfortunately, those bumps seem to be either an intrinsic part of the pattern, the yarn, my knitting, or some combination thereof, because they manifested again almost immediately. The second attempt was not wholly without merit, as the heel looks much nicer on this incarnation of sock #1. I also deviated from the pattern when I got to the toe, because following the instructions would have resulted in a too-big sock. The decreases for the toe in the pattern are graduated, so you would work one decrease round, then knit X number of rounds, decrease, work X-1 number of rounds, etc.

Instead, I worked my normal toe: Work a decrease round, knit one round, decrease round, knit round, until there are about 20 stitches left, then kitchener the toe and weave in the ends. The toe called for in the pattern does not account for feet of different sizes, which is a major flaw, in my opinion. Instead of instructing knitters to work six shortrow wedges for the foot, she should have said to work an even number of shortrow wedges until the foot was 1.5" (or however long the toe in the pattern is) shorter than the wearer's foot. What is point of handknit socks if they are too big for your own dang feet?

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