Saturday, November 3, 2007


I'm sitting at the table de TinyHouse, facing our wall 'o windows/glass patio door, and every now and then, a big ole firework explodes somewhere in the city. I'm not sure why there are fireworks going off, but more importantly, where are they being deployed? Our apartment is on the city side of the building, not the water side--is someone shooting off professional fireworks from one of the office buildings? I don't think Clint believes that there are really fireworks outside, and that I'm just messing with him, but seriously, I saw them.

My Cinnabar is humming along nicely, so far. I've just finished the decreases for the waist shaping and now I'm increasing back out. The linen stitch border was fiddly, but kind of fun, and though I'm now onto boring miles of stockinette, the waist shaping keeps it somewhat interesting. The sweater is actually going to be for my mom, who is currently working on her first project! She picked a somewhat challenging pattern to begin with, but I know she can handle it. Mama P picked out the Coronet hat, from Knitty, and we picked out some nice, red Debbie Bliss Donegal Tweed aran today at Knit Happens for it. She's going through some sort of red phase, I guess. Hurrah for spreading the knitting bug! Hip, hip, hurray!

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