Sunday, November 4, 2007

Spin me like a top

My wonderful dad, the indefatigueable Doc P, turned a new drop spindle for me this weekend. Check this baby out:

Gorgeous, no? I'm very pleased. Aside from a few minor things, it works very well, and inspired me to spend Sunday morning spinning:

I bought the fiber for this yarn at MD Sheep & Wool last year, a clear clamshell with 7 little bumps of different colored roving inside, that cost $5. I finally took it down off the shelf, prepped and combined the different colors, and off I went, spinning it all up into the crazy stuff that is currently residing on my swift. I want to get some dark brown or black to ply it with, so a trip to Springwater may be in order soon. Right now, though, I'm just sort of enjoying looking up at it every now and then. Does it remind anyone else of that Yikes! Fruit Stripes gum? I keep expecting a skateboarding zebra to appear and try and turn over the apartment. Luckily I've got my trusty elephant gun sitting right beside me, just like every Sunday. Bleagh, I don't want to go to work tomorrow.

1 comment:

Carolina said...

That spindle is gorgeous!! What types of wood did he use, and does it spin lace or heavier yarns?

I have some gorgeous grey alpaca/merino/silk roving you can have for the plying. Just let me know and I can bring some on Wednesday.