Sunday, November 11, 2007

Top 5: Video Clips

I don't usually post stuff like this, but I'm interested in seeing what other people might post for this. There is a meme going around for top 5 favorite musical artists, so maybe that an influence. Anyway, here's the idea:

Top 5 Favorite Internet Video Clips
Post your top 5 favorite videos found on the internets. Can be from television shows or movies, or original internet fare. Please post links or embedded video into your blog.

My Top 5 (No particular order)

#1 Flight of the Conchords -- If You're Into It

There's something about this video that just gets me every time--Jemain's deep voice paired with the ridiculous lyrics, dang, is there anything funnier?

#2 Buck wild! (Wonder Showzen)

This is a perennial favorite. It's really only the first 16 seconds of this video that is essential, but it's the only version you can find on YouTube. This is from season 1 of Wonder Showzen, sadly off the air now.

#3 Predator Vs. Predator (Human Giant)

"Come on man, I got a full beard!" Classic.

#4 He Really Gave It To Me (Derrick Comedy)

This is such a simple concept, but it works so well.

#5 You Are A Pirate (Lazy Town)

Uh...this is from an Icelandic kid's show called Lazy Town. It went through something of a vogue with CS, and every now and then someone will bring it up again. It's utterly bizarre, but also kind of catchy. (#5 is always the hardest to come up with.)

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