Monday, November 12, 2007

Tough, but fair

Ugh, today was really rough. I didn't get enough sleep over the weekend, so waking up this morning was nothing short of hideous. I nearly decided to work from home, but it's a good thing I didn't because when I attempted to boot up my computer once I got to the office, it didn't. Jerms talked to Boneman and eventually ran a repair through a boot disk. This sort of got it running, but it became alarmingly clear that my Lenovo's insides were all messed up. Oddly enough, it was working fine over the weekend, when I was using it to listen to the Time Traveler's Wife. It's possible the thing became sentient and figured out how to time travel, which would account for the fucked up sectors. ANYWAY, after I yelled "Stupid Chinese piece of crap" at it, and growled about "this is why I hate PCs," I enlisted Rim to work his magic. He was still working on it when I left for the day, a day that amounted to a total waste.

Things were looking up once I got home. I had a cup of tea, and listened to some Agatha Christie while working on la Cinnabar:

Eventually, I put myself down for a nap. Tomorrow, please be better!

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