Sunday, April 27, 2008


HOLY EFFING CREEP--I just finished the dress I've been working on for nearly a year! Pictures will be coming soon, I'm so absolutely relieved that it's done. My dressform looks really naked now, though.

Let's do a rundown of other works in progress, shall we?

- Mignonette stockings: Working on the leg of the second one, now.

- Pen sweater: Still working on the bottom band, this one might take a while

Yeah, that's right, only two WIPs for now! Sadly, I have a feeling it shall not remain so for long. I want to make an HP-themed sweater for the next movie, which might take precedence over the Pen sweater. Also, one of my coworker's is expecting a baby, so I was considering making a sweater for it. A baby sweater probably wouldn't take too long, but it's not something I'm super-excited to knit. We'll see....

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