Thursday, June 26, 2008

I never do these...

...and yet, Elspeth tagged me, so I must.

1) What was I doing 10 years ago?
Hmm, the summer of 1998? That would have been right after my freshman year of highschool, so I probably spent every day over at my friend Megan Mitchell’s house, with Becky Benham and Joanna Sherry. Megan had a pool, and she helped me dye my hair bright pink right before the school year ended. If memory serves, the reason I dyed my hair was because Megan had just dyed her hair this rad, deep purple color, and I was soooo envious, but since my hair is so dark I was convinced I’d never be able to do anything with it. Luckily, Megan was worldly enough to clue me into bleaching kits, and I have a vivid memory of sitting in her awesome basement, (it had a basket chair that hung from the ceiling!!), wrapped in a sheet with my poor head on fire, eating popsicles while my hair went from brown to orange to white. Then we dyed it pink, and then I called my mom to tell her I had dyed my hair. Good times!

2) What are 5 things on my to-do list for today?
1. Work part I of my split shift (Done!)

2. Go see Get Smart because I won’t be able to see it with all my friends tonight (Done!)

3. Get some groceries so I can have dinner tonight (Done!)

4. Make dinner, which will hopefully be ravioli with homemade tomato sauce, salad with loads of kalamata olives, and an ice-cream sandwich for dessert (Looking forward to this)

5. Work part II of my split shift (Bleagh.)

3) Snacks I enjoy:

Oh man, I could write a whole composition on this, because do I ever love to eat. Right now, my usual snack at work consists of five or so cornichons (really sour little pickles), three slices of salami, a wedge of cheese and some rice crackers. I’m much more of a salty-snack person than a sweet-snack person, although I do love a good pie or some ice cream. I recently bought this amazing lunch system called Mr. Bento (a fine Zojirushi product), which looks kind of like a soviet missile on the outside, but contains four little stackable containers within. I have found that packing a really elaborate entourage of food for yourself is strangely rewarding—I even bought these silicone cupcake and mini-cupcake cups, to use as dividers inside the containers. Dang, I’ll have to take some pictures, it is super-sweet. To sum up, I enjoy eating many things.

4) Things I would do if I were a billionaire:

Quit my suck-ass job, move to New York and buy a sweet apartment in the city, do a full degree at Parsons, and get a new and awesome job. Since I’ll get to travel to all sorts of cool and fashionable places with this sweet job, I’ll probably buy houses in Tokyo, Milan and Paris, where I will totally force my friends to come and stay with me at various times throughout the year. I would also hire a butler.

5) Places I have lived:

1. Northern Virginia (I’m not going to name all the individual cities, NoVA is all the same, anyway.)

2. Williamsburg, Virginia (Southern Virginia is very different than northern Virginia, and not in a good way. More in a hot, humid, boring way.)

3. Tatsuno-machi, Nagano-ken, Japan

6) Jobs I have had:

1. Starbucks Barista: The source of all of my best, job-related stories. I started working there in high school, and then went back the summer after my sophomore year of college, for reasons that are still unclear. That definitely knocked the urge to work in retail out of me for good, and I haven’t looked back since. Show me a Starbucks manager and I’ll show you a mysogynistic, racist, anger-management problem-having mental deficient.

2. Receptionist for a construction company: It was Flippo Constriction, to be exact. This was a summer job of some sort. The things I remember best about the job: It coincided with the summer that Vanilla Coke came out, and Clint, Jeremy and I were totally addicted to it. I got hit on, by my immediate boss, on the first day I worked there, and I totally shot him down. Also, one day they had me drive out to the home office to get this spreadsheet printed up on the big printer. When I asked how big they wanted it, all my boss would tell me was, “as big as possible.”…it ended up being too big, which I maintain was not my fault.

3. File clerk for a surgery center: One of the most boring jobs I have ever had. Did you know that handling paper all day long severely dries out your hands? I worked in the same room as the X-ray tech, and she used to listen to Bill O’Reilly on the radio, every day. She also loved scrapbooking. This job had one saving grace, and that was that there was a free, catered, on-site lunch every day. Doc P did (still does) surgeries there twice a week, so we got to have lunch together sometimes. Other than that, though, not a great job.

4. CS rep for a news aggregate: This is my current job. See Question 4.

7) Bloggers I am tagging who I will enjoy getting to know better:
No one—if I want to get to know you better, I’ll just bone you.

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Elspeth said...

Clearly, you have had a (non ironic, non sarcastic) life. We must discuss this over drinks. :)