Friday, June 27, 2008

Mr. Bento Part II - ETA

For those interested, I bought Mr. Bento on Amazon. He comes with a stylish yet understated black cloth case with outside pocket and shoulder strap, and a metal spork with its own little plastic cover.

ETA--Mr. Bento seems most popular with the ladies. Check out his group on flickr for some extreme lunch-porn action.

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Maeve said...

I also got a much less cool one at bed bath and beyond... we had tons of gift certificates from the wedding! They have one that's good for sandwiches etc... and 2 sides, and another that is great for salads (even includes a place for dressing!) Also, both include ice-packs that fit inside.

You're hopefully going to inspire me to make more lunches soon - I've gotten out of the habit now that I can't eat lunch meat!