Wednesday, November 12, 2008

What I talk about when I talk about working...

My friend J and I work literally back-to-back--our workstations are so close together that if I kicked off hard enough on the bottom of my desk, I could probably smash his back pretty good with my office chair. Despite the proximity, we mostly chat over AIM during the day instead of vocalizing. The below snippet is probably why...

Me (12:03:36 PM): those new pizzone ads are soooo gross
J (12:03:45 PM): IT'S A POUND OF FOOD
Me (12:03:50 PM): I hate how one of the selling points is that it weighs a pound
Me (12:03:51 PM): haha
J (12:04:08 PM): i wish there was a shot of them putting it on a scale and the scale explodes
Me (12:04:17 PM): yeah, I was thinking the same thing
J (12:04:21 PM): NOW YOU TRY IT....IN YOUR GUT
J (12:04:37 PM): most commercials could stand to benefit from more explosions
Me (12:04:38 PM): like the dial on the scale just shoots over so hard, the whole thing goes up in flames
Me (12:05:08 PM): Then the pizzone flys up to heaven, and god is all like, "Mmmmm, PIZZONE!!!"
J (12:05:20 PM): and god explodes
Me (12:05:38 PM): no, wait, the devil snatches it out of god's hands, just as he's about to take a bite
J (12:05:39 PM): Pizza Hut taking a stand on the god issue
Me (12:05:50 PM): and then this epic battle between heaven and hell ensues
J (12:06:03 PM): and Slash pops up on the screen wailin on his guitar
Me (12:06:32 PM): he wails so hard, everything blows up
Me (12:06:34 PM): EVERYTHING
J (12:06:54 PM): oh man if they could make your TV blow up that would be the shit
J (12:07:21 PM): if i was watching a pizzone commercial and my TV blew up i would be like "shit i gotta get me one of those"
Me (12:07:38 PM): "and a new tv"
J (12:07:57 PM): i will cry into my pizzone and drink my tears
J (12:08:01 PM): a pound of delicious tears
Me (12:08:36 PM): a cornucopia of tears and melted cheese

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